Financial Excel is a business management consulting company that specializes in the development and application of analytical, statistical and financial models.

Specifically, the company creates value for its clients by leveraging business intelligence to support all of its advisement and can create or modify custom business models for you to increase productivity, improve transparency, manage risk and ensure sustained growth.

Pictures speak a thousand words and numbers never lie. Financial Excel will develop custom resources and data visualization tools to help guide your business towards financial success by removing all emotion from the decision-making process.

Financial Excel distinguishes itself from its competitors by focusing on how your organization behaves and designing dynamic solutions specific to your needs. The company's evidence based advisement process promotes trust, confidence and teamwork.

Their experts recognize that the market can be unpredictable at times and the ability to make quick decisions is extremely valuable. In fact, success in today's unforgiving economy requires businesses to be remain nimble; and that's why Financial Excel vows to partner with you so you are empowered with the resources you need to excel.


Envision a suite of business models that are all inter-related and that reconcile to your financial statements.

Financial Excel will develop your resources so each of your teams can work autonomously, yet continue to share key information as it relates to your company's performance. As a business owner or manager, you will gain transparency into your organization like never before while simultaneously increasing overall interdepartmental efficiency and communication.

Financial Excel will deliver you interactive business and financial models that will generate company-wide synergy and a greater understanding of how everyone's efforts contribute towards your mission. Your sales team will see how their efforts influence human capital demand; your operations team will see how their contributions translate to earnings; and your entire organization will unite as a purposeful team with tremendous pride because they will all see how they need each other to excel.

What if? This might be the most common and nagging question on the minds of every business owner.

Financial Excel understands the power of anticipation and need for immediate reaction. Imagine the ability to run multi-scenario analyses with the click of a button, directly interacting with your raw data like never before.

Financial Excel will develop your reports and dashboards so you can better understand your business and how it behaves. Managing a business in today's increasingly responsive market can be challenging. Financial Excel will deliver you solutions so you may elevate your strategic planning, remain flexible, and maximize your ROI.

A picture speaks a thousand words and having the right assets to effectively explain your company's critical information can be the difference between success and failure.


Data visualization relates to the art of efficiently communicating unstructured data via visual representations. Effective data visualization empowers users with a rapid and comprehensive interpretation of information so they can see relationships, understand causality, and make intelligent business decisions.

Financial Excel specializes in the development and application of such analytics so you are able to make informed decisions quickly, without wasting unnecessary time attempting to understand problems, but rather channeling that energy towards solutions.

Rapidly delivering quality information is directly dependent upon your system's infrastructure. Without proper design, you will not be able to quickly see or understand how your company behaves. Causal relationships are lost; breadth and scope are blurred; and problem resolution is delayed.

Financial Excel will guide you through the process of optimizing your system's design so you are well positioned for sustainable growth. With the proper setup, you will become more efficient and your energy will shift from processing data to taking action.

What should I do? There should be no shame in asking for a second opinion. In the end, it always leads to making the correct decision. Whether it prompts further investigation of the key influential factors or it simply validates your original feelings, a second opinion can never hurt.

Financial Excel leverages business intelligence for all of its managerial and strategic advisement. All important strategic business decisions should be objective and substantiated by undeniable facts.